My landscape paintings focus on the Boreal Forest. This forest wraps around the globe, Canada having the most intact Boreal in the world. Home to many species of birds, mammals and insects that are endangered or threatened. The Boreal is integral to the health of the planet, it filters 80% of the world’s fresh water and acts as a carbon bank. Sadly this forest is under great threat through clear cut logging and mining. Understanding how to protect the forest in our own back yard will help us to develop sustainability practices of good forest stewardship. My work helps one to see what we normally can’t see because of geographical location. I have travelled by car, truck, canoe, float plane and foot to capture images of the Boreal and return to my studio to create art for all to understand and enjoy. Together we can foster a sustainable future for generations to enjoy.

Some images from my travels in the Boreal.

This letter was received from David Suzuki with regards to my exhibition that looks at Canada’s Boreal Forest.